Logbook Servicing

For the extra peace of mind that comes with a new car warranty, many believe they have to drive their car back to the dealership for each of their new car's logbook services.

Our team at RB Automotive Technicians are able to perform these inspections instead, checking your vehicle's essential features for premature wear and tear and keeping your warranty intact.

To find out more, or to book your next logbook service with us, give us a call today!

Roadworthy Inspections

Before selling or trading your vehicle, or before re-registering it for use on the road, Victorian road laws make it a requirement for your vehicle to undergo a roadworthy inspection and receive a roadworthy certificate, to show that it meets Victoria's strict road standards.

We can arrange for roadworthy inspections on all light vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans or utes.

To book your vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection, call us today and organise a day convenient for you.

Steering & Suspension

Many handling and ride comfort issues can be traced back to problems in your vehicle's steering systems or suspension. Faults in your vehicle's steering can cause unresponsiveness or 'play' in the steering wheel, and worn suspension parts can result in body roll when negotiating corners or damage to the underside of the vehicle.

At RB Automotive Technicians we can repair or replace key steering and suspension components, from car springs, shock absorbers and bushing to faulty power steering systems, to have your vehicle behaving as it should when you're behind the wheel.

If you suspect a steering or suspension problem in your vehicle, bring it to RB Automotive Technicians for an inspection. Call today to book your vehicle in.

Brake Repairs & Servicing

Faulty brakes makes driving tougher than it needs to be, and your brakes can suffer from wear and tear very quickly, particularly with the stop-and-start nature of city driving. When your vehicle has trouble coming to a stop when you need it, our team of skilled and specially trained mechanics will help give your vehicle back the stopping power it needs.

We can replace faulty components in your brakes, from pads and rotors to issues with your pedals and fluid lines, to restore your vehicle's braking power. We can also machine new brake components in-house, as well as recondition worn brake discs to get the most life possible out of them.

To find out more about our brake services, call us today!

Exhaust Repairs

Your vehicle's exhaust is responsible for funnelling spent engine fumes away from the engine bay and cabin, allowing for fresh air to enter the engine to maintain peak performance and engine health and letting the driver and passengers breathe easily. Faults in the exhaust may lead to poorer engine performance, increased fuel consumption and the build-up of corrosive deposits in the engine itself.

We're able to provide a variety of solutions for your exhaust from repairs to your existing exhaust to a range of replacement aftermarket exhaust solutions. To find out more about our exhaust services, give us a call today!

Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble changing gears or staying in gears, or if you're noticing strange noises or smells from under the car, the likely cause is a drive train problem, whether it's a sticky clutch or faults in your transmission.

The team at RB Automotive Technicians can check your whole driveline for problems, and replace worn clutch parts or manual or automatic transmission units.

If you've got issues getting your vehicle into gear, call us today to organise an inspection of your transmission.

Diagnostics & Auto-Electrical

With vehicles becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of their electronics, having an electrical system in good condition is more important than ever. Whether you're not getting enough power from your battery, or there's a warning light on your dashboard you can't make sense of, bring your vehicle to RB Automotive Technicians for an inspection or advice.

Our workshop specialises in interpreting fault codes and other diagnostic services. We can also conduct other auto-electrical services, from installing new batteries, alternators or starter motors to ensuring your vehicle's wiring is up to scratch.

To organise a booking for your vehicle, give us a call today!

Wheels & Tyres

Poorly fitted or balanced tyres can cause uneven contact between your vehicle and the road below, leading to odd noises behind the wheel, uneven tyre wear, and inconsistent handling.

We can advise customers on the right tyre solution for their vehicle, driving habits and environment. We can also fit, align and balance your tyres for maximum road contact, improving grip and optimising your vehicle's handling.

To find out more about our tyre services, contact us today!

Other Services

Our team is able to offer a range of other services, from coordinating with local towing services to collect your vehicle after a breakdown to replacing or mending damaged windscreens.

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle, give us a call today!